What does a 'typical' service at Hosanna look like?

Worship takes many forms at Hosanna, but it always invites our participation and response. The purpose of worship is to draw us into Word and Sacrament (baptism and communion), where God invites, feeds, nurtures and forms us. Our worship most often uses the order of Gathering, Word, Meal [or Thanksgiving], Sending.

What hymnal does Hosanna use?

Hosanna includes music and worship forms from across the spectrum of the church, both in depth and breadth. Our main resource is entitled "Evangelical Lutheran Worship".

What version of the Bible does Hosanna use?

We encourage people to read the scriptures in many different translations and forms of their own devotional use. In public worship and in other times of public proclamation, we use the New Revised Standard Version, primarily for consistency.

What version of the Lord's Prayer does Hosanna use?

The Lord's Prayer is universal throughout the church. The form used almost exclusively for our worship is the one provided by the International Commission on the English Text.

What creeds does Hosanna use?

We subscribe to the historic creeds of the Christian Church, Apostles' and Nicene, often using one of them in worship. We will also use other creeds, depending on the day. For example, when we celebrate the anniversary of our relationship with our sister congregation, Divine Redeemer, in El Salvador,  we use a Central American Creed, in order to show our solidarity with them.


Who is invited to commune at Hosanna?

The sacrament of the altar is the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ under bread and wine, instituted by Christ himself. All who are called are welcome at the Lord's table.

How is Communion practiced at Hosanna?  

Christ invites us into communion (fellowship) with him. We celebrate by gathering around the table. If, for reasons of age or disability you are unable to join us at the table, we will bring the elements to you, either in the pew or in your own home.

How is often is Communion served?

Communion is offered every Sunday when we gather for worship, either at one or both of our worship services. Communion in your home or residence can be arranged on an as-needed basis. Please check out the calendar for specific times and services.

Does Hosanna serve wine or grape juice during Communion?

Wine is traditionally served, but grape juice is available for anyone who requests it; just ask your communion server. We would like to make all feel comfortable and welcome at God's table so we do our best to accommodate the needs of others. 

Does Hosanna use a common cup or individual cups?

The common cup is available, and individual glasses can be picked up from baskets on your way to the table.