some of the committees at work in hosanna

capital development committee

The Capital Development Committee is in charge of identifying Hosanna's current and future facilities development needs such as building, utilities, furnishings, equipment, grounds. The committee also conducts the planning for the ways and means in which the development will take place.

care committee

The Care Committee's responsibilities include reaching out to and providing care for Hosanna's members who are in need of support or assistance, particularly around issues of ill health, grief, and death.

education committee

The Education Committee's purposes and responsibilities include determining the Christian education needs, and developing and providing Christian education programs and learning opportunities at Hosanna for people of all ages.

fellowship committee

The main focus of the Fellowship Committee is facilitating opportunities throughout the year to connect different ages and interest groups within the congregation, promoting a sense of community within the Hosanna family, and welcoming new members into our family.

finance committee

The Finance Committee's purpose is to make sure that the congregation supports the programs of ministry and handles its funds with good stewardship.

property committee

The Property Committee ensures that proper care and maintenance is provided to the property of the congregation.

social justice committee

The Social Justice Committee's purpose is to initiate, coordinate, and review organized social ministry and advocacy activities at Hosanna to help those in need in our communities (Locally in West Edmonton and beyond, within Canada and abroad), in efforts both to understand, and try to overcome the injustices we encounter. Organized Social Justice activities in the congregation include, for example, the Food Bank and Food4Good, Breakfasts & Backpacks for the neighbouring high school, Community Meals, a Socks & Undies campaign for a nearby street agency, and the Refugee Support Group.

stewardship committee

The Stewardship Committee conducts a year-long emphasis on stewardship matters, including Adult Forums on personal being and stewardship of the earth; a time-and-talents campaign for members to volunteer for ministry and programs within Hosanna; and a financial pledge campaign. The Committee also has a report in each month's Newsletter, as well as ongoing topical programs and activities throughout the year.

worship & music committee

The Worship & Music Committee works on the support and development of congregational worship by involving people of varied backgrounds and ages in planning, coordinating, and implementing all aspects of worship according to the congregation's vision.

youth ministry committee

The Youth Ministry Committee develops and implements, together with the Director for Education and Family Ministries, an approach to youth ministry that emphasizes the following:

  1. Youth ministry works to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.
  2. Youth ministry seeks to draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the faith community.
  3. Youth ministry empowers young people to transform the world as disciples of Jesus Christ by living and working for justice and peace.